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Developing Worthy Leaders: The Leadership Academy

This 32 hour training program uses multiple science assessments to demonstrate how Behaviors, Motivators, and Emotional Intelligence of a leader can influence the workplace. Participants learn about themselves as well as how to understand the behaviors and motivators of subordinates, peers, and other leaders. Everyone in your organization should attend this training!

Training Topics Include

Behaviors (D.I.S.C.)

This assessment and training will help the participant have a greater understanding of their individual behavior preferences and how those preferences influence their day-to-day activities and interactions with members of the organization and the community. Participants will also learn how to evaluate the preferences of others and strategies to effectively meet each other’s needs.

Conflict Management

This assessment based training program begins with the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Inventory. Each participant receives an individualized assessment report that indicates how he or she prefers to manage conflict in his or her life. As a result, they can identify their strengths and understand techniques to increase their effectiveness when managing conflict.


This assessment based training identifies which of the six primary motivators move the participant to action. Motivators can be understood as the “WHY” people do what they do. By understanding the “WHY,” leaders are able to communicate more effectively and engage employees in a way that is important to them. Understanding an individual’s motivation is powerful insight into engagement and satisfaction.

The Leadership Continuum

People and circumstances require different solutions for different challenges. It is critical that leaders have an understanding of different leadership styles to meet these changing environments. This training explores the benefits of using different forms of leadership in different settings and in different circumstances. The primary focus will extend from Transactional through Transformational, and into Authentic Leadership Styles.

Emotional Intelligence

This assessment based training program creates and understanding of what emotional intelligence is, and why it is important. Participants begin with a detailed individual emotional intelligence report. Emotional Intelligence is perhaps one of the biggest predictors of success for leaders. Emotional Intelligence is also the one aspect to this three-science assessment package that participants have the ability to increase. The first step to increasing emotional intelligence is awareness. This training helps participants understand their strengths and areas for growth.

Multi-Generational Strategies

Managing Generations is one of the most requested training programs today. Organizations are struggling to understand and manage the four different generations impacting the workforce today. This training will address these challenges and provide solutions to help your organization move toward common goals.

Managing Difficult Employees

This segment is designed to explore how employees can become disengaged or actively disengaged. Participants will understand different methods of engaging employees to address performance challenges.

Mastery of Self

Leadership begins with knowing, understanding and managing self. Mastery of self is a deliberate, focused, and honorable endeavor that brings the concepts of emotional intelligence into light. An true leader practices mastery of self, while accepting the privilege of leading others.


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