Give your team Permission to Succeed!

Executive Command Permission to Succeed

As Executives, we understand there is work to be done. We have been tasked with being more agile, more effective, more communicative, and more efficient than ever before! Yet, executives around the country are trying to do things the same way and expect different results.

This 3 day training will give you the tools to understand yourself and how you can increase the engagement and effectiveness of your organization!

Training Topics Include

Authentic Leadership

An assessment based learning experience designed to help leaders understand their strengths and how to better connect with their teams at the highest level to unlock creativity and innovation.

Creating Dynamic Change

There are two things that employees hate; “Change” and “The Way Things Are!” Change is here. If you are satisfied with where you are, then you are already behind. Being an Executive is not for the timid; learn how to mange the change!


Engagement of the major stakeholders is critical to the performance and success of your organization. Find out how this successful practice can increase creativity, innovation and support for you and your organization.

Succession Planning = Success

You have limited opportunities to fill your bench with the correct team. Executives have got to be the call makers! This session addresses how the use of assessments can help develop and grow your organization and build your bench!

The Leaders Forum

The Leaders Forum is the opportunity to walk through a facilitated solution building process to identify ideas generated from the creativity and innovation of the group. This session will unleash the power of the creative group while demonstrating how to facilitate sessions for high performing teams.

Managing the Message

We have relied on the Media to help us deliver our message; only to have it sensationalized and altered. We have the technology and ability to reach our communities. Learn how to inform your community effectively.


Social Media