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Supervisor Leadership Academy

This 40 hour training program is designed to take high potential employees and prepare them for their role as a supervisor or leader in your organization. The Supervisor Leadership Academy is an assessment based, dynamic, and interactive experience.

Participants will learn how to maximize their potential and the potential of their team! Focusing on the individual strengths of the team member, supervisors build an engaged, creative, and innovative workforce.

Training Topics Include

Strengths Based Leadership

An assessment based training program that utilizes the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment. This strengths based leadership training helps leaders and members of the team develop a greater understanding of their personal strengths and how the strengths of the members, of their supervisors, and the executives, contribute to a high function team.

Developing High Functioning Teams

High functioning teams have common elements. This training program helps participants understand how vision, clarity of goals, individual team member strengths, communication, and leadership create high functioning teams.

Leadership Ethics

Using The Williams Institute for Ethics and Leadership Assessments, participants understand how other members of the team make decisions based on their ethical perspective. This is an excellent introduction to understanding how to work through ethical challenges.

Managing Difficult Conversations

While most employees work diligently to create and foster a harmonious work environment, there are those times when conflict and challenges must be managed effectively. This training specifically helps employees, leaders, and executives understand the Ladder of Inference (Argyris, 1990) and strategies that can be utilized to effectively work with employees to resolve conflict.

Decision Making

Employees struggle with making decisions while leaders struggle knowing which decisions employees should be making. Our Decision Making program utilizes a risk management model to help employees, leaders, teams, and organizations understand when they should be comfortable making a decision and when it would be helpful to seek the counsel of others. This easy to utilize and understand method of decision-making / risk management, provides employees with a sense of confidence and personal empowerment.


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